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Revolutionary Polygraph Technology

LiarLiar employs cutting-edge AI to analyze micromovements, heart rate, and subtle cues in body language to detect deception.

Heart rate fluctuations

Leveraging Remote Photoplethysmography, we detect subtle heart rate variations.

Body language

By analyzing body language minutiae, we catch non-verbal signs commonly associated with lying.

Emotion detection

We decode facial expressions and micro-emotions, offering insights that could be missed by the human eye.

Voice consistency

Fluctuations and inconsistencies in voice pitch, tone, and speed often indicate stress or deception.

Choice of language

People often unconsciously alter their speech patterns and word choices when being untruthful.


Our system monitors levels of attentiveness during conversations.

Become an expert in minutes

Designed with a user-friendly interface, LiarLiar can be easily set up and operated. Even those with minimal tech experience can become experts in detecting lies with a simple click.

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Use on any video feed

Compatible with popular video call software like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and more, LiarLiar can be used on any video feed, including YouTube or your own local videos. Analyze any conversation, any time.

Real-time transcription and language analysis

Experience the power of real-time transcription coupled with truthfulness estimation. As the conversation unfolds, our AI transcribes the dialogue and simultaneously evaluates the veracity of statements, giving instant insights into the honesty of the interaction.

Automatic recording and reporting

LiarLiar not only analyzes in real-time but also records sessions for later review. After each session, it generates a comprehensive report, detailing the analysis of heart rate fluctuations, body language, and other metrics. This feature is invaluable for in-depth reviews or for maintaining records of important conversations.

How it works

The Power of Truth at Your Fingertips

1. Select a video feed

1. Select a video feed

Click on the Start button and select the video you want to analyze

2. Monitor analysis

2. Monitor analysis

Monitor the real-time data processing and analytics on your screen

3. Save and review

3. Save and review

After each session, you get a video recording and an interactive report

How is this possible?

LiarLiar.AI uses Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG), a technique that detects subtle color changes in the face, indicative of your heart rate. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s also monitoring for eye movements, facial expressions, and body language, each providing valuable data to the AI.

With all this information, the AI uses psychological know-how to interpret it all. Sudden eye movements, particular facial expressions, or specific body language, all add up to reveal a potential deception. The tool combines these individual signs, often undetectable to the human eye, and uses the cumulative data to offer an accurate assessment of truthfulness. It’s the seamless integration of technology and psychology that makes LiarLiar.AI a powerful ally in lie detection.

Why should we use it?

We should embrace the new age of the internet

Sharpening Your Intuition

Enhances people-reading skills by revealing deception cues.

Building Trust

Provides neutral analysis, fostering open communication and trust.

Understanding Body Language

Helps explore human psyche via body language and micro-expressions.

Promoting Honesty

Discourages lies by fostering a culture of transparency.

Non-Invasive Method

Operates on video feeds, ensuring comfort and ease.

Continuous Learning

Constantly refines its algorithms for improved future precision.

Become an early adopter

We are inviting you to become part of an innovation-first movement whose mission is to revolutionize communication, and bring more trust in the modern world


Frequently asked questions

How does LiarLiar.AI work?

LiarLiar.AI utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze real-time video feeds, detecting micro facial expressions, heart rate fluctuations, and subtle changes in body language to assess truthfulness. The analysis occurs in real-time and gives you an immediate, easy-to-understand reading.

How do you detect the heart rate?

A fascinating aspect of human physiology that LiarLiar.AI capitalizes on is that our face subtly changes color with each heartbeat. While these changes may be imperceptible to the human eye, they are easily captured by the vigilant ‘eyes’ of computer vision algorithms. This change in facial skin color is a direct result of the change in blood volume under the skin with each heartbeat – a phenomenon known as Photoplethysmography (PPG). immediate, easy-to-understand reading.

You can read more here.

How accurate is LiarLiar.AI?

While no lie detection tool can guarantee 100% accuracy, LiarLiar.AI offers a high level of accuracy, as it analyzes a wide range of cues, including micro facial expressions, body language changes, and heart rate fluctuations, to provide a comprehensive assessment of truthfulness.

Can I use LiarLiar.AI on any video calling platform?

Yes, LiarLiar.AI is designed to work with any video calling software, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Skype, etc. It can also be used to analyze other video feeds, including YouTube and local videos.

Currently, there are no specific laws governing the use of tools like LiarLiar.AI. However, it’s important to note that it is illegal to record or analyze someone’s video call without their consent. Always ensure you have the necessary permissions before using LiarLiar.

How is the analyzed data stored?

All analyzed videos are processed and stored in a directory of your choice on your computer. You can review the videos and analysis at any time. LiarLiar.AI is designed with privacy in mind, and we do not have access to your analyzed videos or data.

Can I use LiarLiar.AI on my smartphone or tablet?

Currently, LiarLiar is designed to work on Windows and Mac desktop systems. We are working on a mobile version and hope to release it soon.

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